Legal Training

Legal Training Offered by National Academy in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton

The National Academy of Health and Business offers diploma-level programs in the law enforcement and legal administration industries. The Faculty’s legal career training combines focused classroom lectures and practical hands-on training to prepare students for work as Customs and Immigration Officers, Court Officers, Legal Administrators, or a Police Recruit/Cadet (the next step in becoming a Police Officer).

Please read more about the Legal Faculty on this page or click on the following links for specific information on the Legal Faculty diploma level courses:

Law Enforcement / Police Foundations Diploma
Legal Office Administration Diploma.

The Legal Faculty at NAHB was set up in collaboration with the Police Learning System Advisory Committee. Legal training at the National Academy of Health and Business is designed to help students develop extensive and useful practical skills, and the real-world experience they need to have the confidence and knowledge to become future legal workers or law enforcement officers.

Career Training in Law Enforcement and Legal Administration

Taught by highly experienced industry professionals, the Law Faculty’s legal career training introduces students to the law enforcement and legal office environment and their respective operations.  Legal and enforcement principles and theories are matched with extensive computer and industry-recognized equipment training, ensuring that graduates are ready to work the moment they enter the workforce.