Healthcare Training

The Healthcare Faculty at the National Academy of Health & Business offers a wide array of excellent and inspired career training programs in the healthcare, physiotherapy, childcare and social work industries.

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Our celebrated programs in the Healthcare Faculty provide an excellent combination of theoretical and textbook education as well as practical training in the lab. This allows students continue to develop as they apply their knowledge in a wealth of health related situations, preparing them for a multitude of professions. Our recently renovated facilities on both campuses mean you’ll enjoy a state-of-the-art healthcare education that serves to expertly mimic real-life situations.

Healthcare training programs at National Academy of Health & Business are done at the diploma level, and all of our programs are  approved by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. Many of our faculty programs like the Personal Support Worker diploma training program were developed to reform and improve healthcare training for Canada’s growing needs.

Careers in Healthcare, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Childcare

Training at the National Academy of Health & Business is designed to prepare students for work in hospitals, medical offices, government agencies, nursing facilities, school boards, mental health agencies, pharmacy settings, medical laboratories, community organizations, social services, and many more.  An emphasis is placed on developing the techniques and skills needed to provide outstanding personal care and peaceful and harmonious care environments.

In addition, with practical hands-on computer training, students can also develop skills and knowledge needed to manage the demands of administrative positions. Successful students will graduate with the knowledge and confidence to remain competitive in the health administrative environment, with experience working with various software applications, including ABLEMed, Visual Practice, Microsoft Office programs, and more (software varies depending on course).

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