Business Courses


The National Academy of Health and Business offers some great training programs in the world of business. We offer diploma level business courses in Accounting and Payroll Administration, Business Office Administration and Office Administration.

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The Business Faculty was developed to provide students with the cutting-edge, practical business and administration training they need to adapt to today’s technologically complicated and fast-paced business world. Our programs place a great importance on fostering and developing critical thinking, team building and communication, an excellent grasp on software and a thorough knowledge of the general principles and ideas that are needed to succeed in a variety of positions. Our graduates are exceptionally prepared for careers in accounting, marketing, human resources or just general business administration.

We have designed our business diploma programs to teach employees all of the fundamental skills that employers will expect. Our courses have a heavy emphasis on office support skills and administrative theory.

Career Training in Accounting and Payroll, Business Office Administration and Office Administration

Students will learn several different software programs during their time at NAHB, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project and more. Students becoming familiar with the technology, all the while developing leadership skills, gaining an understanding of manual and computerized accounting payroll systems, legislation and regulations and discovering how to collaborate successfully with colleagues.

Though business courses at the National Academy of Health and Business are predominantly focused on office and accounting software, there is also a large emphasis placed on team-building and communications. This ensures that our graduates are equipped to easily integrate into a business setting, and are able to collaborate successfully with their colleagues. Students will learn how to apply theoretical concepts to everyday business settings through practical, real-world training.

Business Faculty students can also benefit from becoming an official member of the Canadian Payroll Association (this applies only to Accounting and Payroll Diploma graduates)