The Importance of Dental History Taking

To treat a patient safely and effectively, dental professionals must first collect information about the patient’s health history. This includes information regarding the patient’s current health condition, but also his [more]

Daily Support Challenges as a PSW

Personal support workers provide long or short-term care to individuals facing difficult challenges. They can serve as personal aides, assisting people with their day-to-day activities or act as companions, preventing [more]

Communication Essentials in the Office

Communication is easy. Being an effective communicator, however, is something that can actually take quite a bit of finesse. Choosing the right words, listening with our minds instead of just [more]

Trends in Digital Dentistry

Image Source Advances in technology continue to improve and alter the way we live our day-to-day lives. These innovations have also significantly impacted the dental industry, for the dentist as [more]

Ensuring the Integrity of Medical Records

If you’re currently receiving medical office assistant training, or even if you’re pursuing a medical career of any kind, including being enrolled in a personal support worker course, you’re likely [more]

Benefits of Careers in Security

Image Source If you’re looking for an exciting and rewarding career that enhances your personal and professional development in a positive environment, in which your employer recognizes your talent and [more]

Medical Laboratory Assistants in High Demand

From diagnosis through to treatment, lab work plays a crucial role in modern health care, meaning that medical laboratory assistants form an important part of the health care team. Medical [more]

Dentistry Trends in Teeth Whitening

Nobody is happy with yellow or stained teeth. Smoking or consuming foods and drinks can discolour your teeth, which in turn creates a need for teeth whitening. There are many [more]

Top Payroll Trends of 2014

What trends can payroll professionals across the country expect to see? In recent years, buzzwords like cloud-based systems, paperless payroll or pay-card proliferation were cited time and time again as important [more]